Samsung Navibot S SR8980

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Product Description

Cleaning your house won’t now be a problem with this tremendously advanced technology offering from Samsung – the SR8980 NaviBot S Robotic Cleaner. Samsung is known for producing quality smart phones and other high-end entertainment gadgets, but people don’t generally know that this techie giant is also in the field of developing robots. Samsung has started investing in this field way back in 2004, and now we are faced with a 5th generation NaviBot series that are not only sleekly and elegantly designed, but more notably features top of the line functionalities which will surely amaze you.

Samsung’s mobile phones never fail to impress in terms of their design, and you will not be disappointed with the NaviBot’s either. It is slim and is finished off with a glossy rounded top. But more than the fantastic design, the Samsung NaviBot SR8980 boasts revolutionary technology. The Samsung NaviBot cannot get any smarter. It is endowed with a Visionary Mapping Plus system that enables it to self-navigate around your home. Moreover, it has its own camera and two CPU chips that make it capable of mapping your living area and registering the room’s cleaning path. The Samsung NaviBot also boasts 12 safety sensors and a Virtual Guard system that will make your device deviate away from valuable pieces and prevent it from cleaning out a specific area like pet bed and priceless furniture. It is embedded with a Virtual Guide mode that lets you determine the order of the room that you want to be cleaned, as well as a 3 cliff sensors that will steer the robot away from edges and deep areas such as stairs. You will be astounded to see that the Samsung NaviBot features an auto dust emptying function, whereby it returns to its docking station and empties its dirt into the central dust chamber when its dustbin is full. It can auto-clean itself while charging – where the charging itself is also fully automated.

This device has an innovative triple brush system that tackles pet hair, dust, dirt and other kinds of debris. It is equipped with an expanded 200mm-wide main brush and 2 side brushes that help improve effectiveness in cleaning. The Samsung NaviBot SR8980 comes with a range of cleaning modes that you may employ, among of which are Auto, Max, Edge, and Spot. Together with the device’s slim design, the Edge Mode enables it to reach those difficult areas such as under sofas and beds. It is also packed with a dust awareness sensor that can perceive and pick up dust. It has advanced wheels that let is move smoothly across the floor and even over cords and other obstacles. The product comes with a remote control for easier and more intuitive device management. Furthermore, the Samsung NaviBot quietly goes about its way; it only produces approximately 48 dB noise level – making it one of the most silent robots in the market.

With all the above-mentioned features, the Samsung NaviBot SR8980 is a handy and easy to maintain device. This machine is vastly helpful to those people with disability. It moves quickly and efficiently, not mentioning that the design is simply wonderful. However, Samsung can insert more improvements into the device, such as stronger suction for a better cleaning ability. At most, the NaviBot SR8980 offers a modest cleaning capability.

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