Robot Vacuum Cleaner ASUS AGAiT eClean EC02

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Asus, through its subsidiary AGAiT Technology, has also now ventured into robot vacuum cleaners with its AGAiT eClean EC02 unit. It sports a classic and elegant metallic finish that is available in yellow, gold, and red colors. It measures 34.5 cm in diameter and 9.5 cm in height. It is one of the lightest robot cleaners in the market, which weighs for only about 2.7 kg.

The eClean EC02 boasts a number of features. First and foremost is the patented collision detection technology that enables the device to automatically slow down when it is presented with obstacles such as furniture. It is equipped with an onboard anti-allergen UV light that provides a more effective cleaning system. The UV light has a long lifespan; it lasts up to 6000 hours of usage. Likewise, it is furnished with a turbo cleaning system as well as two side brushes that enhance the vacuuming power of the machine. It is endowed with a cliff sensor that will let the device stop when it is near edges such as the top of the stairs. AGAiT eClean EC02 operates very silently at only 55 dB, enabling you to concentrate on your task while the robot cleaner does its task. It also has a schedule setting that lets you set the cleaning schedule; therefore, the house can be cleared out even if you are away for work. It has 5 pre-programmed patterns, namely spiral, special bounce, along wall, s shape, and polygonal spiral. AGAiT eClean EC02 mechanically increases its suction power once it detects a dirty surface. It is endowed with an infrared remote control that can reach as far as 3 meters. It has a 14.8V 2500 mAh Li-Poly rechargeable battery that fully recharges in 100 minutes and can be used for 90 minutes of cleaning. Once the unit is low in power, the device is smart enough to return to the docking station and recharge itself.

AGAiT eClean EC02 belongs to the randomly moving robots category. It is not equipped with the advanced technology of automatically creating a map of the room and laying out the most optimal cleaning path that a number of similar devices has. Regardless, by combining the programmed directions, the eClean EC02 will pretty much cover the cleaning area. Unfortunately, this machine is very sensitive when it comes across cords since it has no special abilities to move over cords easily or at least untangle itself when caught in a whirlwind of cables. Hence, you must be especially careful on not leaving any cable on the floor or you will spend the next minutes of your life helping the robot free itself from the cords.

AGAiT eClean EC02 is selling at a 250 to 400 dollars price range. It can effectively clean a given room’s surface; however, it lacks some pioneering features that a number of robot cleaners in a similar price range already have. If Asus can develop a smarter robot or can offer the eClean EC02 at a lower price, then it may be worth buying.


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