Neato Robotics Botvac 85 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Good

An arrival of Neato Robottics 85 in the market affected the sales of many of its rival brands. Though, the product is available in $600 but offers numerous robust features as well as accessories.

The Bad

Remote control is a missing feature with the given price tag of $600. Despite of many high-end specs, there should be a remote control with the product.

The Bottom Line

The BotVac Line by Neato has gained much popularity in the world of robot vacuum cleaners. There is a similarity in performance and features offered by Neato’s BotVac and Roomba 870 Fans. However, Neato’s BotVac provides shorter run times and more accessories i.e. three filters, magnetic boundary markers and a longer brush. This product is included in the four new brands of robot vacuum cleaners by Neato. All of the products in the BotVac line have been developed with the existing XV models by Neato. A dustbin, larger main brush and a side brush are the parts of BotVac 85. It does not create lots of noise which is definitely a plus point for the users. In a short comparison with iRobot Roomba 870, the performance of BotVac85 was outstanding on the pet hair test.

There is not an obvious difference between other XV-line models of robot vacuums and Neato BotVac 85. It is based on squared-off front and rounded back due to which the edges and corners can be tackled through brush. BotVac 85 can also be differentiated through some extra accessories and each model’s paint color. XVs AND BotVacs robot vacuum lines are undoubtedly distinguishable through many obvious and subtle differences. XV models can be seen in numerous color combinations while BotVac models only come with white colored outer look. BotVac 85 by Neato is available in the market with three high performance filters, a blade brush, and a combo brush with blue accents.
The product is comprised of touch-pad style buttons on the right of sensor. The name of brand is present on the left side of bot. The display screen options are similar to the other BotVac models with simple ease of use. A provided manual with the product can help a user to clean it at a certain time. The spot cleaning and home buttons are separately located in the bot. The dustbins of BotVac have capacity of 2.96 cups as compared to the dustbins of XV models. A total weight of this product is 9 pounds which is higher than of XV bots.

The usage of BotVac 85 is similar to the XV bot in many ways. It gives a straightforward and simple user experience. BotVac wakes up by simply pressing the Home button to begin a smooth-running cleaning cycle. After scanning the room, it finds out a way to begin the cleaning process. It never follows the same way and predicts new routes every time. I personally used it and completed numerous runs on each surface of floor. It miraculously did not go on the same way again and again. All in all, it is a right choice for those who don’t want to compromise on the features of a robot vacuum cleaner and ready to pay $600 without any hesitation.

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