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  1. Jonas

    iRobot Scooba 390 is a new invention, with added features from its predecessor Scooba 380 by Roomba robot maker. As automatic vacuum cleaners, these robots are very well designed to scrub floors until they shine, but what’s different about Scooba 390 and why would you want to buy it? Well, we are here to answer this question by providing you with all the specialties of this new £449 robot vacuum cleaner. The Scooba 390 comes with a higher battery life and simplified design which is always a plus to an important house item such as a vacuum cleaner. Adding more to its advanced technology, it can now tackle 450 square feet while cleaning.
    Its added battery life now ensures that the Scooba 390 operates 30% more than Scooba 380. Some design improvements have also been made to the Scooba 390, which mostly include color coding for parts that users have to maintain such as the tank, cleaning head and the brush. This aesthetic change has mainly been made to make the cleaning device as user friendly as possible. For it to get started you need to set it up on charging with the AC adaptor, fill it with the solution (it comes with 4 packets) and press start. You simply open up the Scooba, holding down and pulling up the big clearly marked handle. Then you pour some of the cleaning solution you want to use under the brightly blue colored tab named ‘Clean’. A tank full of cleaning solution is said to last approximately 45 minutes, after which you need to refill. When you are done with the cleaning you need to empty the accumulated dirt and hair in the filter.
    Now that you know what the Scooba 390 is capable of doing, let’s take a look on how it performs all the cleaning tasks. The Scooba 390 comes with a few cleaning protection levels at its bottom, it starts by sucking up the small debris on the floor up into its tank, washes the floor with the solution, then by using its rotating bristles it scrubs the surface and at last sucks up any remaining liquid solution from the floor by a thin squeeze. The Scooba 390 comes with programmed movements and robotic behaviors which help it in avoiding walls and finding its way across the floor. At the front side of the bot, is a bumper which allows it to lightly bang into walls and process its way. These enhanced wall hugging and cliff detection features help the bot to cover the maximum surface area while cleaning your house. Unfortunately this robot does not have the ability to clean carpets and rugs, for this you need to set up the Virtual Wall which tells the bot not to go any further. The Virtual Wall takes two D-sized batteries to operate and you can set the limits for the signals to cut off larger rooms if you wish.

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