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The Good

A competitive advantage of this product is the use of new Aeroforce cleaning system that offers brushes with rubbery extractors. It requires minimum maintenance while clear debris in a well-mannered way than some older models.

The Bad

Size of a bin is larger than usual if you compare it with other previous models. Price is another debatable issue of Roomba 880 which has been raised by many critics. Currently, it is available in $699.

The Bottom Line

Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro is available with the price tag of only $499 and performs well in the pet hair test than iRobot 880. Though, it is a capable and well-rounded vacuum robot but there is quite difference between $699 and $499.

When you are searching for the best vacuum robot cleaners available in the market, the name Roomba 880 can really draw your attention first! This vacuum robot cleaner has really managed to lead from the front as far as using the cleaning machines is concerned. This is also called as the little kind in the world of robotic vacuums. This machine never feels remorse or pity. Once it starts the work it never stops until its battery urges to stop! If you will look for the science fiction world, then you can find that robots are always presented in a manner to take over this world while killing humans. But in reality, the robotic power can be used perfectly to clean our homes and surroundings quickly and easily. Cleaning your lounge’s carpet with this type of vacuum robot cleaner can offer you a great experience for sure. But before that you should know more details about the Roomba 880.

It’s the Roomba 880 that never appears as a vacuum and this is the best part associated with this cleaning machine. It comes with the puck-shaped disc that is similar to the size of your car’s steering. The height of this disc is also similar to the height of the mug that is placed on your dining table. The top portion of this vacuum cleaner is equipped with handle as well as four buttons that help you in operating the machine. There is also a power button that allows the users to opt for big cleaning process. There are four additional buttons given through which the user can set the timing for the machine. These buttons can also help you to schedule the cleaning process, and to return robot for its dock. These buttons can be best used when you target to clean a single and troublesome sport at your home.


When you have Roomba 880 at your disposal, it becomes easier for you to program the robot for schedule cleaning. All you need to select the day and the time and then press the OK button. Once you set the clock right, Roomba 880 will start the work accordingly. Once the cleaning task completes, this vacuum robot cleaner will come back to its base. It’s Roomba 880 which can perform the cleaning task for several rooms at just one complete charge. This machine will spend maximum twenty-five minutes for each room to clean the area properly.

Inside the box, you can find two different Virtual Wall Lighthouses. The prime work of these lighthouses is to simulate the doorways for the machines and to prevent the robot from moving to the next place until and unless the cleaning work is finished for the first room. Once the cleaning work completes or the battery goes down or the bin becomes full, the Roomba 880 will go back to its charging dock automatically.


As far as cleaning is concerned, Roomba 880 cleans properly and carefully. This machine is designed to clean the room daily instead of cleaning it once in a week. Well, the bin needs to be emptied after every clean the machine uses to perform.

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  1. Jonas

    Aeroforce cleaning system is undoubtedly an interesting feature of Roomba 880. It increase suction and rotate inward for speeding up air flow through two bristle-free extractors. The product also offers XLife battery for a longer use and a high-efficiency vacuum as well. Some buttons are located on the top of its display including Spot, Schedule, Clock and Dock. Small cleaning areas are used to target with the help of Spot option. With the Schedule button, you can set a specific time for cleaning once or twice in a day. The Clock button allows setting correct minute, hour and day. The Dock option would unplug Roomba 880 from charging.
    Remote control is also available for initiating spot cleaning and regular cleaning. Lighthouses can also be turned on by switching from virtual walls with a given option in the Roomba 880. Lighthouses are basically a way of communication for Roomba 880 with which it cleans surfaces by indicating lights. It simply cleans a whole house room by room and then reaches to the place from where it started cleaning. Another amazing feature is ‘Direct Detect’ that automatically searches for the dirt and debris. When the bin tray needs to be emptied, a light turns on to notify it.
    Roomba 880 comes with sleek and innovative design. It is available with a lighter weight of 8.4 pounds. The total width is 13.9 inches with a height of 3.6 inches. A carrying handle is quite convenient for a user to take it everywhere. The color of its outer body is black. The design of Roomba 790 and 880 models are quite similar with minor changes in features.

    It is not very complicated to use Roomba 880 for any user. Even you will aware with many of its features for the very first time. A manual provided with the product guides a lot regarding its correct and proper use. Unlike Neato, it does not require lots of effort because of the remote control. A provided remote control actually handles everything and minimizes your effort. Roomba 880 identifies the total time in which a cleaning task would get completed. It takes time and can’t provide best results efficiently in a lesser time. It has less predictable speed of use as compared to its ease of use.

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