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Product Description

bObsweep bObi – A Handy and Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

There are many things that make robot vacuum cleaners an ultimate choice for modern day’s homeowners. Whether you are looking forward to clean your home or the office room, these highly advanced vacuum cleaners can always come in handy. There are coming with great and advanced features. The best part is that you clean the room, all you need to program such device and forget. Even when you will not be there at your home, the cleaning task will be completed without any hassle. With comparison to the traditional vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners deliver great advantages.

The best part is that you can program such a device to perform the cleaning task without staying worried about rewrapping the cord or lifting heavy objects. Due to the increasing demand for such devices, now many leading manufacturers have come up with their amazing robot vacuum cleaners. In this lineup you can really find many to look for but the bObsweep bObi stands out in this race due to its advanced features and powerful cleaning ability.

Overview of bObsweep bObi

There are many support services this robot vacuum cleaner can deliver for the users. However, you may lack the advantage of virtual walls and boundaries that can keep the device in place. this device can be used to clean the big messes. Maneuvering this robot vacuum cleaner is always easy. Even the starts can find it easy to learn the details associated with this device.


When you are looking forward to clean the carpets and hard surfaces clean properly, the bObsweep bObi can really come in handy for you. it comes with necessary support services and setting it up is quite easy. Even the first time users can find it really simple to manipulate this device in a short span of time. once charged fully, the bObsweep bObi can run more than two hours. This is the longest time a robot vacuum cleaner can last once charged fully. Homes with hardwood floors are the best places where you can make the most of this robot vacuum cleaner. It works in the most efficient manner on the hardwood floors while picking up big messes quite confidently.

Some important features

The bObsweep bObi comes with some great and advanced features like the dirt sensor. This feature directs the device to opt for the messy areas quickly and to perform the cleaning work. There is also the ledge sensor that keeps the device away from the walls while working. With this robot vacuum cleaner, you will also find the spot-cleaning feature that helps the device to concentrate on just one area at a time so that the cleaning work for that area can be done properly. The best part is that bObsweep bObi can run towards its charging dock once it senses that it may run out of the power soon. The status light is also there to suggest you about the remaining power for the device. It lacks the feature like Full-Bin Indicator. So, you need to clean the bin on a regular interval to keep up the right function for this robot vacuum cleaner.


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