In View The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2016

In View: The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2016

In 2014, there was a great increase in patronage of the robotic vacuum cleaner by the manufacturers. The top rated Neato Robotics experienced a 6% summersault in units. The best runner-up was the iRobot Roomba with a close value which can be an approximated to 6% despite its market control over the Neato. With an average price of $500 per unit, the technology is really pulling prominence especially in the homes of those suffering from one form of allergy or the other as well as the pet owners.

In spite of the cost implication on initial procurement cost, many who are fans of this device still maintain their loyalty to preferred brands in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Although and recently, there have been some new entry manufacturers who avails competitive products at a very bearable cost than the Neato Robotics and the iRobot Roomba; making the product more assessable to the low income earners who still wish to maximize the benefit of the technology-These new crops are acclaimed to have come with the best trends in the robot vacuum cleaners market.

Competitive Backdrop
Americans preference and great recognition for TTI Floor North America’s brands i.e. Dirt Devil, Royal and Hoover was so high in 2014 than 2014 leaving the company at an approximate patronage of 33%. This firm obviously have an extensive track record of manufacturing ‘excellence’ vacuum cleaners with appealing longevity appealing to new shoppers. The only company with close achievement in share volume was Bissell Inc. with a value of 21%.

The vacuum cleaner technology is assumed to attain a one percent Compound Annual Growth Rate by volume and three percent by value considering constant prices within the span of the forecast period, which implies an increase in the unit price. However, category growth will only be sustained by prompt replacement of aged technologies, increase in population, household size and product creativity.

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