Robotic Surgery and the Future

Robotic Surgery and the Future

Traditional surgery is unavoidably associated with very big scar and attendant long healing time and long hospital stay. Complications are the order of the day and in some cases, patients may end up dead on the operating table. Well, this can be taken care of with the introduction of robotic surgery. This takes away the many challenges involved in the traditional surgical procedure. With the introduction of robots into surgery, never again will the patient will have to undergo long hospital stay that may lead to what is called no socomial infection. The transformations expected to be brought on the table by robots are expected to be more exciting than what laparoscopy brought in the 70’s.

Certain complex procedures are presently difficult to perform and inventions in robotic surgery are sure to turn all that around. Removing a complex tumor will never be a problem again with robots performing the procedure. Have you heard of a robot called the da Vinci Surgical System? You may not have heard about it, since it is still being given finishing touches. This robot will surely revolutionize the surgical world like never before. It is expected to perform surgeries with extensively minimal invasion. Its precision is expected to be better than what the best human surgeon can achieve.

Talking about the future of robotic surgery called the da Vinci Surgical System; it looks more like a video game. It features 3D screen, interactive robotic arms and highly futuristic controls. The robot has two major components and these are its control console and the robot itself. The control console is where the doctor controls the robot, while the robot carries out the operation. The robot equally features three small arms and these arms are attached to instruments like electrocautery instruments, scissors and scalpel. The instruments can be swapped very easily too.

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