Reviewing the Medical Robots

Reviewing the Medical Robots

It was first the microbots that are being deployed to pickle plaque tormenting the arteries, now we have assistance robots which is design to aid patients. You will agree to the fact that medical robots are indeed giving the healthcare sector a face-lift although it is not a new practice in the sector. A popular ancient type of medical robots is the Vinci Surgical System which has successfully conducted over 20,000 surgeries creating a landmark for robotic involvement in healthcare advancement. As a result of this, manufacturers have introduced many subsequent models of medical robots with more sophistication with similar functionalities to that of the da Vinci system to help in various forms of physical therapies and surgeries.

Various types of robots are introduced with functionalities targeted distinctive purposes in the medical line; some of which are identified below:

Surgical robots

These categories of medical robots have made surgical operation a more sophisticated act. With these, surgical operations can be carried-out with more precision than when this is performed by an unaided human surgeon. I some rear cases, where the surgeon doctor is not physically available, these robots helps in the conduct and has recorded grand slide successes in the act.

Rehabilitation robots

Elderly, infirm, and those with varying manner of dysfunctioning body parts have over the years been aided by these set of robots. They have helped in correcting anomalies or aid malfunctioning body parts as support system. They are also deployed to rehabilitate or train patients as physical therapy other than drugs.


These are mimic robotic designs which is used as models to imitate the reasoning of human being and animals.

Telepresence robots

Sometime, medical professionals may at a particular remote location; they employ the use of these robots to carry-out some supervision even when they are not physically present.

Pharmacy automation

They are models used in a retail pharmaceutical settings or hospitals to dispense oral drugs or to prepare sterile admixtures.

Disinfection robots

These are a typical medical robots used to disinfect an entire environment or room by the help of ultraviolet light technology; they are typical for fighting the Ebola virus disease.

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