More Information one Robotic Future

More Information one Robotic Future

It’s vital to understand the term ‘robot ‘and how it can be of useful in the society. Well, robots refer to a programmed machine which performs tasks for itself and like human but it does not eat or sleep. Well, according to expert, robots can move, sense, move their limbs as well as exhibit intellectual behavior among other things. According to robotic science, robotic future will be just like human beings. They will have hair, skin, hands and legs and behave exactly like human beings. Do not be surprised to hear that these robots will have feelings just like human beings hence are expected to fall in love, to hate as well as have desire to achieving some goals. The main difference expected from these robots is the fact that they do not breathe like human beings as they are empowered electrically.

Robotic futures are expected to come in variety of designs, shapes as well as sizes. There will be male robots and female ones. They will have artificial muscles rather than the electric motors. By 2021, it is expected that the development will include a fully development of autonomous heavy robots. The development of HOSPI will make it possible for the smooth running of activities in hospitals. For instance, they will act as receptionists, guides as well as porters. To some parts they will also serve as waiters as well as cooks.

In the near future, robotic future will reduce human labor by an average of 80%. It is predicted that by 2022, every household will have an intelligent robots that will sense the environment as well as make their own decisions. There will be robotic cars, which fly, soldier as well as those who will be taking care of the old. With the above mentioned, robotic science will certainly change this world but it is our hope that these robots will not threaten humans but only ease their work.

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