How Does A Robot Work?

How Does A Robot Work?

At the mention of the word ‘robot’, the first vision that comes to mind is that of an expressionless but mobile human prototype as presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the all-time popular Hollywood flick ‘Terminator’. In sharp contrast, nowadays, robots are being designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors with the result that it is not just possible for you to choose one that matches your home but also your personal preferences. But have you ever wondered how these gadgets move, operate and create a personality of their own?

Automation is word that best describes the operational aspect of robots and it is an amalgamation of three aspects namely actuator, locomotion and communication. Actuator is actually an electric motor that transforms the potential energy stored within the robot into movement. While the type of motor varies from stepper to ultrasonic, the basic principle of using compressed air to cause movement is same in all devices. Owing to constant research, these motors are likely to be replaced with nano tubes which are elastic but are expected to cause multifold enhancement in energy levels.

The manner in which robots move is determined by an aspect known as locomotion and it is manifested in several ways like walking, running, talking or even crawling like a snake. What renders this aspect truly advantageous is that it can be modified to suit the segment for which the robot is being designed. For example, robots meant to help in a laboratory are designed to carry out tasks with utmost accuracy while those designed with the military in mind can fight and take flight.

Last but not the least is interaction and it is this aspect that lends the robot a human touch. To this effect, robots that have been designed recently feature facial expressions and even speak and blink, thus providing meaningful interaction that their owners value the most.

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