Dyson Eye 360 robot vacuum cleaner

Dyson Eye 360 robot vacuum cleaner

A brilliantly designed Dyson Eye 360 comes with many outstanding features. It can easily hold 0.4 liters of debris, dirt and dust. The total weight of Dyson Eye is 2.4 kg which is more than other brands. The company has focused more on the battery life instead of any other thing. According to a Dyson’s official, most of the robot vacuum cleaning brands require lots of charging. He said that companies should focus on the batteries of their vacuum cleaners for better performance. Dyson showed high interest on battery life conservation.
Dyson Eye robot has high suction power and capable to hold a large amount of dust and dirt. Cyclone technology has been used by installing V2 Digital Motor in it. V2 motor makes it more powerful and consumes more battery. Therefore, the company used lithium ion battery in all of its units. Lithium ion battery can easily operate V2 Digital motor for 20 minutes.
Dyson Eye offers some great options like one-time cleaning and recurring schedule mode. These modes are based on begin, stop and pause functions for the convenience of the users. There is also an inbuilt 360-degree camera that performs well by capturing thirty frames in one second. Dyson Eye can easily detect obstacles by using infrared sensors installed in it. It really has an exceptional vision mapping system. It can intelligently traverse all the hurdles and hard-to-reach surfaces. Carbon-fiber brushes have been used in this advanced vacuum cleaner. According to the Dyson’s official, these brushes can easily get access to stubborn nooks and small areas.
Dyson Eye 360 deserves 90 marks out of 100 due to its eye-grabbing design. An outer body is nicely finished. Full-width brush bar and track wheels give a great look to it. A good color combination has been chosen that makes it more attractive.

Dyson Eye 360 is not available in international markets. Therefore, it would be earlier to say anything about its ease of use. According to our assumptions, it can be a little tricky to use. After knowing about its features and battery life, we can say that it would definitely work well for a longer period. Also, it would not require high maintenance due to the use of advanced technological features. In short, you would not feel any regret after buying it despite of higher price.

Pros: It is an intelligently designed high-end robot vacuum cleaner. It can be easily differentiated due to its unique overall appearance.
Cons: It is thinner as compared to other robot vacuum brands. It would definitely face difficulties to enter into smaller areas or spaces.
Bottom line: The distribution of product is yet limited to Japan. However, price of Dyson Eye 360 has been revealed. It will be available in 130,000 yen (around $1250). Price shows that the product is not affordable for the masses. It might be developed for the people from upper middle class group. The offered features are not justifiable with this price tag. Therefore, the position of Roomba and Neato in the market would not get affected.

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