Best Surgical Robots for the 2016

Best Surgical Robots for the 2016

The health industry is undoubtedly one of the most important among humans. There is need to make the industry vibrant and ever responsive. This need has promoted the reversion to the use of robots for medical and surgical procedures. The surgical robots are designed to take up surgical procedures that humans surgeons would normally find rather difficult to carry out due to their complexity. These robots handle the complex cases perfectly and help ensure the safety of the patient. Use of robots in the surgical industry equally reduces invasiveness of the surgical procedures, reduce the amount of time spent on hospital bed and reduce scars caused by surgery.

The future is already here and robotic engineers are looking to improve on robotic intervention in medical and surgical procedures. This had informed the design of some surgical robots, like Magnetic Microbot. This robot is expected to be operational in full swing in 2016 and it is expected to carry out varieties of surgical procedures, like disease screening and removal of plaque from arteries of patients. The Magnetic Microbot is a very tiny form of robot and its small size makes it the perfect tool for this purpose.

The Bestic Arm is yet another robot for the future and it is expected to improve on the recuperation of the patient while on admission. It will also be able to improve on the ability of the patient to walk again. A number of robotic healthcare assistants are also expected to be introduced into the health industry in the future.

As at today, a number of blue-collar robots, also referred to as service robots are available at hospitals. However, they are expected to increase in number by 2016, as many more hospitals adopt the use of robots due to their incomparable advantages, like ease of maintenance and long working hours.

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